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The pretty island from Lombok on Indonesia may not be as hugely popular as its much hyped neighbor Bali, yet it is just as worthy of exploration as any other move destination. Specifically for the most focused travelers, a good, satisfying move experience does not only suggest exploring the most popular places generally there ever is usually on the planet. Furthermore, it means traversing the significantly less popular kinds for its personal rewards apart from popularity, one of the possible rewards being that not as much known destinations may in fact offer a more unspoiled natural charm, which, in fact, is one of the ultimate goals of traveling round different locations away from home. On this note, some Lombok travel package will definitely be a great choice, both due to its unspoiled natural beauty and as far as for their affordability.

Listed here are some attractions that makes this destination a great investment of one's travel time and resources:

Mt. Rinjani National Recreation area


Mt. Rinjani National Park your car is a welcoming 41, 330 hectares (159. 6 rectangular miles) of nature preserve and water catchment area and incorporates an additional 66, 000 hectares (250 square miles) in adjacent shielded forests. Mt. Rinjani as a whole is the second highest peak in Dalam negri, and is increasingly becoming popular among trekkers and pile climbers. Locals consider the mountain because sacred, and its particular Saganak crater is the place for pilgrimage of thousands and thousands who believe making an offering in the waters and bathing inside hot spring can cure diseases.

The Memo Islands

Well-liked by tourists who also are after a web-based island knowledge, the Idiota islands comprises of three coral reefs islands built naturally perfect and awe-inspiring by light sands dotted with swaying pine timber.


Sekotong is a place of stunning splendor, dotted on the left with gently rolling slopes and compact rural towns sheltered within green valleys. On the suitable side is definitely the ocean period, which portray the area a beautiful blue colors in the natural light. In between Sekotong and Taun township sprawls a majestic arc in white sand and turquoise oceans.

Senggigi Beach front and Resort

Known as Lombok's most developed tourist location, Senggigi houses facilities and conveniences which include bars, coffee shops, bookstores, discotheques, and restaurants, a lot of which are found on the main seaside road.

Kuta Beach

The south coast of Lombok is known as Kuta. Kuta boasts of a fabulous clean that is seen as a white sand, superior waters, and excellent surf waves. Kuta is less active than other parts of Lombok, turning it into perfect for a fabulous quiet getaway.